Compra de casa: Preços dos imóveis subiram em maio
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House buying: Property prices increased in May.

Looking to buy a house in Portugal? Know that property prices have gone up last month. Get to know the numbers and find out how to access the best home loan.

14 Jun 20242 min

Contratos de arrendamento alterados passam a ser abrangidos pelo apoio extraordinário

Leased contracts amended now covered by extraordinary support program.

Tenants with a changed, renewed, or replaced contract will once again be eligible for extraordinary rent support if their access requirements remain the same. Understand more about it next.

04 Jun 20242 min

Porta 65 Jovem: Já não será necessário contrato de arrendamento prévio

Porta 65 Jovem: No prior lease contract will be required anymore

Porta 65 Jovem no longer requires a prior lease contract and now asks for three pay slips instead of the current six.

29 May 20242 min

Prédios magenta e céu azul

"Rent to sublet" foresees allocating 46 more houses by June

The Mais Habitação package will allocate a total of 78 houses by June. Check the numbers, then visit the website.

23 May 20242 min

Estudo revela mercado imobiliário português estável no 1.º trimestre de 2024
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Study reveals Portuguese real estate market stable in 1st quarter of 2024.

Stable performance has been observed not only in the commercial real estate market, but also in the residential, hospitality, retail, and logistics transactional segments.

13 May 20241 min

Rendas mais caras em abril, depois de dois meses de estabilidade

Higher rents in April, after two months of stability.

The increase in question was 1.7%, after two stable months without much increase in rents.

13 May 20242 min

Mão a segurar casas de madeira com três montes a ir crescendo simbolizando arrendamento

Rental market offer increases by 81% in the 1st quarter

According to Idealista, the increase in rental properties this year may be due to some housing measures implemented by the previous Government.

19 Apr 20242 min

Por cada anúncio de arrendamento, são 34 as famílias interessadas

For each rental listing, there are 34 interested families.

In the first quarter of 2024, the rental market continued to have high demand. Note that for each ad placed, there were 34 contacts made, on average. Check out the data in this article.

18 Apr 20242 min

Famílias perdem apoio à renda por obrigação de assinar novos contratos

Families lose income support due to obligation to sign new contracts.

Landlords have been making tenants sign new contracts, preventing families from accessing rent support. Understand better in the following URL.

15 Apr 20242 min

Por lei, a renda da casa tem de ser paga até que dia?

By law, when does the rent for the house need to be paid?

The question is clarified by Dantas Rodrigues, in the "Work and taxes (un)complicated" section of Notícias ao Minuto, about work, personal finances, and taxes. Find out the answer next.

11 Apr 20242 min

Rendas: Custo médio estabilizou em março

Incomes: Average cost stabilized in March

If you are looking for a house, know that the rental has maintained the average cost in March. Get to know the numbers.

01 Apr 20242 min

Preço das rendas aumenta 6,5% em fevereiro

Rent prices increase by 6.5% in February.

The increase is even more significant than the previous month. Check out the values involved.

13 Mar 20242 min

Arrendamento: Saiba onde desceram os preços das rendas

Rental: Find out where rent prices have dropped.

In five district capitals, rental prices decreased compared to the three districts where they went up. Find out the districts in question, then.

11 Mar 20242 min

O que é o VPT e como o coeficiente de afetação impacta o seu valor?
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What is the VPT and how does the coefficient of affectation impact its value?

Do you know what the Taxable Asset Value (VPT) is? And the allocation coefficient (Ca), a value that impacts the VPT amount and how much you pay for Real Estate Municipal Tax (IMI)? We will explain everything right away.

05 Mar 20243 min

Quer mudar uma loja para uso habitacional? Já pode, mas conheça as regras
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Want to change a store to residential use? You can, but know the rules.

It is a diploma already in force that allows for the alteration of properties for residential use, without prior authorization from the condominium.

27 Feb 20243 min