Reference rates for mortgage credit EURIBOR 3M 3.725% EURIBOR 6M 3.715% EURIBOR 12M 3.650% Mixed rate starting at 2.50% Euribor
Reference rates for mortgage credit EURIBOR 3M 3.725% EURIBOR 6M 3.715% EURIBOR 12M 3.650% Mixed rate starting at 2.50% Euribor
Reference rates for mortgage credit EURIBOR 3M 3.725% EURIBOR 6M 3.715% EURIBOR 12M 3.650% Mixed rate starting at 2.50% Euribor
Reference rates for mortgage credit EURIBOR 3M 3.725% EURIBOR 6M 3.715% EURIBOR 12M 3.650% Mixed rate starting at 2.50% Euribor

Real estate mortgage

Give credit to your dream home.

Find a home loan to pay in your time. And if you already have an active loan, you still have time to save. Transfer your home loan to a better one and ease your budget.

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Real estate mortgage
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Which is the ideal loan for me?

  • Transfer
    Real estate mortgage


    Is your mortgage loan a big burden on your family budget? Transfer your loan without cost and save on your home mortgage. We analyze your individual case and find the best conditions on the market, so that you can have more flexibility with your budget.
  • Acquisition
    Real estate mortgage


    Are you gonna make the leap and buy your own home? We're by your side to help you obtain the best terms for your loan and guide you throughout the entire process until the key is in your hand!
  • Construction
    Real estate mortgage


    Want to build the home of your dreams? We find the best terms for the purchase of lands and loans for your construction project, so that you can make your dreams come true without giving up on your financial stability.
  • Renovations
    Real estate mortgage


    Want to make your home more sustainable and efficient? Or do some renovations to accommodate new family members and make the space more comfortable? We help you obtain the best loan so that you can give your family everything they need.

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Frequently asked questions

How to guarantee the best conditions for your home loan?

The investment you make when buying a home is probably the longest-lasting and most important financial commitment you'll make in your life. When turning to financing, it is of extreme importance that you seek the advice of loan specialists who inform, help, and obtain the best alternatives and analyze with attention, down to the small details, all the proposals the Banks present. Consult and analyze all the available information, inform yourself about the variables and consider your contractual rights and duties when you decide to take on a home loan, and know what's most important when comparing the various solutions and proposals for credit alternatives.

What is the largest loan I can obtain?

I already have a home loan. Can I lower my payments?

What types of home loans exist?

What kind of interest rates could I have for my home loan?

  • Fixed interest rate
    If you're looking for stability and assurance, a fixed interest rate allows you to maintain the same monthly payment throughout the entirety of your mortgage or throughout the period defined. You'll always know what amount you will pay, as you won't be dependent on the fluctuations of the market.
  • Variable interest rate
    A variable interest rate could have the benefit of having an initial monthly payment that's less than the fixed rate, depending on the offer of each Bank. By choosing this interest rate, you know that your monthly payment will vary throughout the length of your mortgage, according to the indexed. Available on the market is the Euribor (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) at 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, meaning that at the periodicity of the chosen indexed your monthly payment is reevaluated and may at times be decreased or increased.

  • Mixed interest rate
    A mixed interest rate allows you to start your loan with a fixed interest rate (depending on the offer of each Bank, it's possible to fix your rate for 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years) in which you'll always pay the same monthly payment amount for that time period, and afterward your loan will be indexed at the variable interest rate.
    In this case, your monthly payment will be revisited for the remaining length of your loan, and increased or decreased based on the rates being practiced in the market at that time.

What is the Spread?

What is the TAN (Nominal Annual Rate)?

What is the TAEG (Annual Percentage Rate)?

What are the main costs associated with a home loan?

  • Upfront fees (opening, study of the file, evaluation, contracting, etc.);
  • Defining the type of interest rate and respective spread and indexed or fixed rate;
  • Fiscal and Legal onuses and obligations;
  • Fees for notary and registry;
  • Monthly payment of associated insurances (life and multi-risk).

What taxes are associated with my home loan?

What notary and registry fees will I have to pay in relation to my home loan?

  • At the time of the request of the provisional registries at the land registry office, you pay the registry fees for the acquisition and the mortgage;
  • At the signing of the deed, you pay the notary fees for the acquisition and the mortgage.

How are the life insurance premiums calculated?

What does the Multi-risk insurance cover?

What is the FINE?

What are the documents needed to request a home loan?

  • Identification document;
  • Last IRS tax return + Tax assessment notice;
  • Declaration of employment contract (emitted by the employer);
  • Pay slips (last 3 months);
  • Bank statements (last 3 months);
  • Map of Responsibilities from Banco de Portugal (Bank of Portugal);

In the case of self-employed workers, other documentation will be necessary. The Poupança no Minuto agents help with the finding and organizing of this documentation.

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