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Credit Amortization
How to make an early repayment of my home loan?
Housing Credit Acquisition

How to make an early repayment of my home loan?

Paying off your home loan early can be a solution to reduce the monthly installment you pay for this burden. Find out how it works, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

11 Aug 20234 min

Can I take out a personal loan to pay off another loan?
Personal Credit Emergencies

Can I take out a personal loan to pay off another loan?

Depending on the type of credit to be settled, it is possible to hire a personal loan to do so. However, there are some factors to consider so that the personal loan is approved. We explain everything in this article.

11 Aug 20233 min

Novas medidas crédito habitação: Como avançar com pedido ao banco?
Housing Credit Acquisition

New housing credit measures: How to proceed with a request to the bank?

Three measures are at stake, now approved by the Council of Ministers, to help Portuguese citizens with their housing credit installments: the reduction and stability of the installment for two years, the extension and simplification of credit bonuses, and the extension of the suspension of amortization commissions. Find out if you are eligible and how to apply.

25 Sep 20234 min

Ao amortizar no crédito habitação, quanto tempo posso reduzir ao contrato?
Housing Credit Acquisition

When repaying a home loan, how much time can I reduce the contract?

Making an early repayment of your mortgage credit can have several purposes. If you have a ready monetary value to invest or want to use your savings to apply to your mortgage credit, consider whether you want to reduce the current installment you pay or the term. Understand better in this article.

18 Dec 20234 min

Crédito habitação: Amortizações antecipadas quase duplicam em 2023
Mortgage Credit Transfer

Mortgage credit: Early repayments nearly double in 2023

With the rise in interest rates, early repayment of housing credit was a popular option for the Portuguese in 2023 to avoid high interest rates. Check out the numbers.

15 Feb 20242 min

Renegociações no crédito habitação aumentam 5 vezes mais em 2023
Mortgage Credit Renegotiation

Mortgage renegotiations increase 5 times more in 2023.

Home loan renegotiations rise to 8.8 billion euros - a 5 times growth from 2022 to 2023. Understand better what is at stake, in the link below.

13 Feb 20242 min

Mulher a organizar montes de notas de 50 e 100 euros simbolizando amortização do crédito habitação
Mortgage Credit Renegotiation

How much do I pay in commission for early repayment on home loans?

Until the end of the year, no commission is charged for early repayment of the home loan. Learn about the special regime and how much is charged outside of the current regime.

16 May 20242 min

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