Devo entregar o IRS com os meus pais ou não?

Should I submit my IRS with my parents or not?

I am young and still considered dependent in my parents' household, should I file my tax return with them or can I file individually? Find out in this article.

21 Mar 20242 min

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To file your IRS declaration with your parents or alone?  

The Tax Authority (AT) explains on social media that young people up to 26 years old with annual incomes lower than 10,640 euros in 2023, who are still considered dependents in their parents' IRS, can submit the IRS declaration together with their parents.

However, young people can choose to submit the declaration alone, if they deem it more advantageous.  

The IRS delivery starts on April 1, and this is a question that arises at this time for young people who already earn their own income. own income.

"If you are under 26 years old and received annual income less than €10,640 in 2023, you are still considered dependent," is the explanation that the Tax Authority posts on their Facebook page."

So, remember that in this case the young person still has to integrate into the parents' household. But they can still decide to file the declaration alone.

To better understand the situation that benefits you the most, you can simulate it on the Finance Portal when the tax return becomes available.

Note that between the ages of 18 and 26, if you receive income from dependent work (category A) or professional or business (category B) for the first time after completing a cycle of studies equal to or higher than high school, and are not considered dependent, you may be entitled to IRS Jovem. As well as until 30 years old if the completed cycle of studies is a doctorate.


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