IRS: Já pode reclamar erros que detetar nas suas deduções

IRS: You can now challenge errors detected in your deductions.

The deadline is from March 15 to 31, by which you must verify your provisional deductions for IRS purposes and claim in case of errors. Understand better next.  

22 Mar 20242 min

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You have until March 31 to check for errors in your provisional IRS deductions.

According to the Tax Authority (AT), it has been possible since March 15th to check the provisional deduction amounts for IRS purposes on the Finance Portal. When checking, taxpayers should assess if they detect any errors and, if they do, file a complaint.

So, you must access your Tax Authority Portal with your login credentials and on this page validate if the values are correct.

"This page is intended for consulting expenses that have been reported to the Tax Authority, in which you are listed as the titular. The deduction amount was calculated individually without considering the composition of the household or the tax regime (separate or joint)," explains the Tax Authority in a Facebook post.

Afterwards, "if you notice any omission or inaccuracy in general expenses and/or invoices, claim on this page."

Please note that you have from March 15 to 31 to proceed with this action. The Tax Authority also points out that "if any omission or inaccuracy is detected - health and training/education expenses, property expenses and expenses with care homes" can be reported or amended, as an alternative to the values communicated to the Tax Authority, "the respective amounts in box 6C1 of annex H of the 2023 IRS form 3, regarding all these expenses and all the members of the household".

But know, however, that "changing the amounts on the e-Invoice portal requires verification of the same".

"If you complain about invoices/general expenses before submitting the annual IRS declaration, take into account that the complaint does not suspend the deadlines established for submitting the declaration or for settling and paying the tax due," clarified the AT in its publication.  

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