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Personal Credit
Can I take out a personal loan to pay off another loan?
Personal Credit Emergencies

Can I take out a personal loan to pay off another loan?

Depending on the type of credit to be settled, it is possible to hire a personal loan to do so. However, there are some factors to consider so that the personal loan is approved. We explain everything in this article.

11 Aug 20233 min

Vai para a faculdade com o orçamento apertado? Conheça o crédito para estudantes
Personal loan training

Going to college on a tight budget? Check out student loans at [URL] for assistance.

The school year is almost here and it's time to start organizing the budget. Taking a course can be expensive, that's why there are financial products to help you, such as personal loans for students. Is your next future project to study? Find out how this credit works.

22 Aug 20234 min

Poupança no Minuto: A aliada perfeita na intermediação de créditos e seguros
Credit intermediation

Savings in a Minute: The perfect ally in credit and insurance intermediation.

It's true: Savings in a Minute now has a blog! The credit intermediary and insurance mediator now complements its services with reliable information. But who is Savings, what sets it apart from other brands, what it believes in, and what it offers? That's what we will talk about in this article.

11 Aug 20234 min

Vale a pena subscrever um seguro de proteção ao crédito?
Personal Car Loan

Is it worth subscribing to a credit protection insurance?

Are you afraid you won't be able to pay off a loan due to unexpected events like involuntary unemployment or an accident that causes disability? This is where a credit protection insurance comes in. However, this is an insurance that requires many requirements. Let's explain how this insurance works.

11 Aug 20234 min

Ida para a Universidade: Como decorar casa partilhada sem gastar muito?
Personal loan training

Going to University: How to decorate a shared house without spending much?

Go to university in September, to a shared house, and want to make the space welcoming without spending a lot of money? Get to know some tips to feel at home, and not exceed your savings.

08 Sep 20234 min

Precisa de fazer alterações numa casa? Conheça o crédito pessoal para obras
Home Improvement Loan

Need to make changes to a house? Find out more about personal credit for renovations: [URL].

Are you going to buy a property that needs renovations? Or just improve a house you already own? Either way, there is a solution: personal credit for renovations. It is a simple financing option that can be contracted digitally. Find out how it works.

04 Sep 20234 min

Quer poupar com créditos ou seguros? Conheça os serviços da Poupança no Minuto
Credit intermediation

Want to save on credits or insurance? Check out the services of Poupança no Minuto.

Looking to save on your credits or insurance? You're in the right place! Poupança no Minuto can help you through credit intermediation services and insurance mediation. Want to better understand how these services work and how we can help you? Let us explain in this article.

30 Oct 20233 min

É arrendatário? Prepare-se para a subida da renda em 2024

Are you a tenant? Get ready for the rent increase in 2024

Do you live in a rented house? The maximum annual rent update ceiling of 2%, limited by the government in 2023, will no longer exist in 2024. The new solution is still being studied, but landlords already confess to terminating contracts if a new brake is imposed. Find out how much your rent can increase and what solutions to choose in case of a tight budget.

20 Oct 20235 min

Candidaturas a rendas acessíveis terminam no final de outubro

Applications for affordable rents end in late October.

The Rent to Sublet Program will have applications to access affordable rent houses open until the end of this month. Find out if you can apply and how to access other options.

24 Oct 20233 min

Incumprimento do crédito habitação: Saiba o que o PERSI pode fazer por si
Mortgage Savings Credit

Noncompliance with home loans: Find out what PERSI can do for you.

Are you in default with your home loan? The PERSI can help. Learn about the plan that banks must follow in this case, and find out how to save on your monthly installment.

08 Nov 20232 min

Taxas máximas nos créditos vão subir em 2024: Como encontrar as mais baixas?
Housing Credit Acquisition

Maximum loan rates will rise in 2024: How to find the lowest rates?

The maximum interest rates on loans will be higher in the first quarter of next year. So how can you access proposals with lower rates? Find out in this article.

21 Dec 20233 min

Famílias cada vez com mais créditos. O que fazer?
Personal Consolidated Credit

Families increasing their debts. What to do?

According to DECO Proteste, some families have 20 loans, with credit cards being the main cause. But how to ease this credit burden? Get to know the options next.

24 Jan 20244 min

Quais foram os preços médios das rendas em janeiro?

What were the average rental prices in January?

In some Portuguese municipalities, average rental prices increased in January, but it is worth noting that in two municipalities the rent went down. Find out which ones, next.

09 Feb 20242 min

Arrendamento: Mais casas no mercado, mas a preços mais altos
Housing Credit Acquisition

Rental: More houses on the market, but at higher prices

"Despite the current increase in supply, prices remain high," according to Idealista. Find out what is at stake and how to get the best rental deal.

15 Feb 20242 min

Tem direito ao apoio para formação digital? Se não, contrate o crédito pessoal formação
Personal loan training

Are you entitled to support for digital training? If not, hire personal training credit.

The IEFP has launched a 750 euros support for workers, but do you meet the requirements to apply? If not, we introduce you to personal training credit.

28 Feb 20242 min