Morar na Abrunheira: Conheça esta zona tranquila de Sintra

Living in Abrunheira: Get to know this peaceful area of Sintra.

Looking for a property to buy in a peaceful area, while staying close to everything? Abrunheira may be the perfect place for you... Discover the benefits of living in the parish of Sintra.

20 Oct 20234 min

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Let's move forward with the search for your new home? Contact the real estate agency Casa no Minuto and don't waste any more time. But if you are still unsure about the area you want to choose: Convince yourself with Abrunheira - Manique, Sintra.

Start by exploring Sintra, the parish.

The city of Sintra is one of the places in Portugal recognized as one of the best to live, as it houses a lot of history and picturesque architecture.  

In Sintra you will find major landmarks of the country's monarchical past that are now visited for cultural interest, such as: The Monserrate Palace and the Pena National Palace. 

The Sintra Mountain, known as the Mountain of the Moon, is also highly sought after by those looking to visit natural beauty spaces, hiking, jogging, riding a motorcycle, or simply enjoying the views at its peak.  

The town of Sintra itself is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can find typical sweets, highly sought after by both residents and tourists, such as Sintra's pillow and Sintra's cheesecakes. These should also be portrayed as Heritage...

In Sintra, you can also find famous beaches, such as Praia Grande, Praia Pequena, and Praia das Maçãs. Highly beautiful, with a sea coast (a bit cold, to be honest), but compensated by its transparency.

Sintra is also not far behind when it comes to services: Filled with educational institutions, access to health with private and public hospitals, such as Hospital Prof. Doctor Fernando Fonseca, gyms, the Alegro Sintra shopping center, and also Michelin-starred restaurants such as “Lad by Sergi Arola” or “Midori”.

From this parish, getting around is also not a problem: By car, it's a half hour from the capital Lisbon, and with buses and various train lines, it's a stone's throw from Lisbon.  

Abrunheira: Far from the urban noise, but close to services.

Abrunheira is an area in Sintra that has the privilege of combining the calmness of the mountains, with the proximity to the center of the parish.  

That is, it is located in a quiet area of Sintra, in an area surrounded by green spaces and silence, but at a quick and easy distance to access all central services.

Now, let's see: the area surrounded by large houses, mostly villas, is located in the Sierra, but only a 8-minute drive and 20-minute walk from the large shopping center Alegro Sintra.  

This center offers a variety of services, such as pharmacies, all kinds of stores, restaurants, supermarkets, gym, among others.

Even around the shopping center, this area has access to numerous amenities, so in Abrunheira, you are close to everything you may need.

A 5-minute walk also provides access to schools, ranging from elementary to high school. 

But if you want to access Lisbon, through bus connections, you reach the railway line that, through trains, takes you to the capital in just over half an hour.

Buy a house to live in Abrunheira.

Abrunheira - Manique, Sintra could be a great choice to buy a house with the intention of living in the area. 

For those looking to be away from the city waves, in a quiet area, but still close to access to all needs: Abrunheira is the ideal place.

If this is what you are looking for, contact the Casa no Minuto real estate agency. It is an agency that currently has a property available in the area, but even if you don't consider it the right house for you, you can search for exactly the property you need.

With Casa no Minuto, you can have access to a rapid, personalized service. And, if you need a housing loan, the credit intermediaries at Poupança no Minuto can also assist you, along with the house search. Side by side, get your new home in a minute.


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