Venda de casa: Saiba o que é a ficha técnica de habitação

House for sale: Learn about the technical housing data sheet.

When selling your house, it is necessary to gather some documents to deliver to the future owner of the property who will acquire it. The housing technical sheet (HTS) is one of them and is essential to understand the most technical and functional aspects of the house. Understand what the HTS is and what information it gathers.

06 Sep 20234 min

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Are you looking to sell your house and trying to find out all the necessary information? Let Casa no Minuto take care of it, saving you time and bureaucracy. Looking to buy a new property through a mortgage loan? Let Poupança no Minuto handle the credit intermediation. To better understand what this document regarding your property is, keep reading the article.

What does the Technical Housing Card represent?  

So that the new owner acquires all the information regarding the property they are buying in the most transparent way possible, they need documents that detail the characteristics of the house. Such as the Housing Technical Data Sheet (HTDS), which represents the document that gathers all the technical and functional aspects of a property.

Without the FTH it is not possible to finalize a deed, as it specifies the technical and functional elements of an urban residential building. It is issued after the completion of construction or reconstruction works on the property. Click here.

You must know that, as a rule, the existence of this form is mandatory and must be in the possession of the owners.

When is the Housing Technical Data Sheet required?  

However, there are cases where this obligation does not exist. But when? If the building was built, renovated, or altered after March 30, 2004, you already need this form.

However, the existence of this form is not mandatory in buildings that were constructed before the General Regulation of Urban Buildings, approved by Decree-Law No. 38382, of August 7, 1951, or when there is a permit for use or application for it before Decree-Law No. 68/2004, of March 25.

Who presents the Housing Technical Data Sheet?

The form must be filled out by the real estate developer, together with the work supervisor. Both must verify if the housing characteristics match the information of the FTH after the property is completed.

Both parties must sign the form at the end. Then, the FTH must be delivered to the property owner.

When selling, the document must be delivered by the current owner to the future one, during the signing of the deed.

Afterwards, this form must be present in the deed, verified by the notary. Therefore, it is important for the seller to take care of this documentation in order to finalize the deal.

But also in rentals, this form is necessary. In order to sign a lease agreement, the landlord must provide the tenant access to the form.

This record is also required even if the work has not been completed yet, through a temporary version.  

What happens in case of FTH with nonconformity, loss, or destruction?  

If the form has nonconformities, that is, does not fully correspond to the characteristics of the housing, gathering false information, or not complying with the required rules, there may be sanctions.

According to the case, the fine resulting from the offense can be quite high.

And if the FTH is lost or destroyed, it is possible to request a second copy from the real estate promoter or the City Council, but subject to payment of a fee.

Therefore, it is essential that the property owner keeps the record in good condition so that, in case of sale, it can be handed over to the future owner.

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