Digital nomads in Portugal: Discover the new professional trend.

Digital nomads in Portugal: Discover the new professional trend.

Digital nomadism gained strength with the most recent pandemic. In Portugal, a visa aimed at these workers was recently created. Read in this article what digital nomadism means and how it works in Portugal.

10 Aug 20236 min

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What is digital nomadism?

Digital nomadism reflects a lifestyle emerged in the 21st century, for workers who do not have a fixed residence and work from any location using the internet.

In other words, being a digital nomad means working remotely, without needing to go to a fixed base, like an office.

If a company allows remote work, it is possible for the worker to become a digital nomad. They can work from any point in the country or outside the country.

New Portuguese visa for digital nomads: How does it work?

In October 2022, a new visa for digital nomads who want to work remotely in Portugal came into effect. The temporary stay and residence permit visa for digital nomads is aimed at citizens located outside the European Union and the European Economic Area and will have a maximum duration of one year.

So far, the visas that digital nomads were applying for were the tourist visa or the D7 model, designed especially for retirees who wanted to come live in Portugal.

This visa also helps companies whose workers are digital nomads, because by allowing their employees to work from Portugal, they are legally protected in terms of taxes.

The visa can be requested at Portuguese consulates or at the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF), but subject to some requirements.

To access this visa, the following is required:

  • A proof of tax residency;
  • Employment contract, promise of employment contract, or company statement confirming the employment relationship;
  • Average monthly income test of the last three months equivalent to at least four minimum guaranteed monthly salaries. In other words, considering the value of the national minimum wage (760 euros), 3,040 euros per month.

Regarding self-employed workers, in addition to proof of residence and proof of monthly income for the last three months of a minimum value equal to four times the guaranteed minimum monthly wages, they must also present a partnership agreement, a service provision contract, or a proposal for a service provision contract.

DNA: Get to know the Digital Nomads Association Portugal

The Digital Nomads Association Portugal (DNA) is the first Portuguese association aimed at digital nomads, founded on August 12, 2022.

The goal of DNA is to promote hubs, events, communities, and destinations with conditions for remote work, to attract this type of workers from around the world to Portuguese lands. The work is carried out with the government, municipalities, and some partners.

Considering that 30% of the European population can currently work remotely, DNA aims to attract high-wage workers to the smaller cities, towns, and villages in Portugal. Therefore, according to the association, preparing these locations to receive these remote workers leads to a more dynamic economy, money for the economy, and social mobility.

Portugal is already one of the favorite destinations for digital nomads, with Lisbon and Porto standing out. Therefore, DNA intends to decentralize the economic and social impact in these cities and spread the opportunities of remote work throughout the country. Madeira is a good example, as for Ponta do Sol, a village of 8 thousand inhabitants, in the first year it was possible to attract more than 6 thousand nomads, generating an impact of 30 million euros.

Discover villages for digital nomads in Portugal.

Sun Point - Madeira

The Ponta do Sol is the largest highlight in Portugal for digital nomads, as it is a village that attracts thousands of workers. The project, established on the Island of Madeira, was created by the government through the Digital Nomads Madeira Islands project, which also involves other cities.

The project's goal was to integrate remote workers from around the world with local workers. The village provides a free and prepared space for digital nomads to work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with access to various dynamic events.

Fora - Ericeira

In Ericeira, known for its beautiful beaches and home to various surfing competitions, it has also become a city where some digital nomads seek refuge.

Therefore, the global rental company Outside offers personalized service in Ericeira to this type of workers.

Czar Lisbon Hotel - Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital of the country, is also where most digital nomads have settled. As a result, several hotels have increased their offerings and created programs tailored to these workers.

One example is Czar Lisbon Hotel, which offers a dedicated discount program for digital nomads who book at least 7 nights.

Placid Village - Algarve

"A Placid Village" is located in Carvoeira, a village in the Algarve, and is designed for digital nomads who prioritize beaches and landscapes.

Ensure conditions for remote work and offer discounts, also depending on the number of nights booked.

Selina - Alentejo

In Alentejo, there is also the Selina hotel chain, such as Selina Vila Nova, with a breathtaking view. Located in the center of Milfontes, overlooking the River Mira.

For digital nomads, it guarantees a 6-night program in a standard private room, providing access to the communal kitchen to cook their meals. It also ensures a coworking space with 16 seats, meeting room, terrace, yoga and tai chi classes, cinema room, communal kitchen, and library.

Buy a house and settle down in Portugal.

And how many are those who come to Portugal and fall in love? It is a country that tends to make people stay. From tourists to digital nomads.

The attractive points of our country, such as the beaches, the mild climate, the gastronomy, the landscapes, the low prices, the history, the safety, can make someone surrender.

Therefore, for many, it is a possibility to settle in Portugal and put down roots here. In these cases, it may make sense to buy a house.

The Casa no Minuto is a real estate agency that offers properties in various parts of the country, with a wide range of options for you. With a free and personalized service, it can help you choose your future home in Portugal. Just like the credit intermediaries at Poupança no Minuto, who are available to handle all the bureaucracy of your housing loan with the banks.


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