Como se prevenir de uma fraude financeira?

How to prevent financial fraud?

To protect yourself from fraud when hiring financial products or services, it is essential to be aware of certain aspects. Find out what is at stake.

06 Mar 20242 min

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When hiring financial products and services, such as loans and insurance, rely on the support of credit intermediaries and insurance brokers from Poupança no Minuto. But first, read the five tips in question.

Protect yourself from financial fraud with these five tips.

How can you prevent financial fraud? The portal Todos Contam, quoted by Notícias ao Minuto, gives some tips so you can protect yourself financially and avoid being caught in a fraud.

For this, you must have a set of general care and common to your financial products and services.  

So, in order to protect yourself, pay attention to the following tips:

Protect personal data and documents  

"It is often through the unauthorized appropriation of data or personal documents that fraudulent schemes occur";  

Be careful using the internet to acquire financial products and services.

"Malicious emails or programs may allow third parties to access personal data or access codes that lead to fraud schemes."

Attention to the legitimacy of the person you are hiring the product or service from.

“There may be individuals or entities providing financial services without proper authorization, engaging in illegal activities because they are not duly authorized. Entities authorized to provide financial services in Portugal, in the market of banking products, investment products or insurance products, are required to be registered with financial supervisors: Banco de Portugal, Securities Market Commission or Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority”.

Messages or emails from institutions with which you have not interacted

If you receive messages or emails from institutions or companies with which you have not interacted, be careful! It is most likely to be a scam to make you click on links and take your data.

Deceptive advertising on social media

Pay attention to entities you hire through social media advertising. It can be misleading advertising just to attract customers, so always check other customer opinions through reviews before proceeding!

Know that the credit intermediaries and insurance brokers from Poupança no Minuto are authorized to provide you with free support services in contracting these products. With our help, ensure the best financial proposals for your products, and overall monthly savings for your wallet!


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