Taxa de inflação na zona euro recua para 2,8% em janeiro

Inflation rate in the euro zone drops to 2.8% in January

The inflation rate in the eurozone continues to decrease, dropping from 2.9% in December 2023 to 2.8% in January 2024.   

12 Feb 20242 min

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Eurozone inflation rate slows down in January 2024.

The year-on-year inflation rate in the eurozone decreased again in January, from 2.9% to 2.8% from December 2023. However, in December, a downward trend of seven months was interrupted. These are statistics from Eurostat, which also indicate an average year-on-year inflation rate in the eurozone countries of 8.6%.

According to a news shared by Notícias ao Minuto, Eurostat "also indicates that the core inflation rate (which calculates the price evolution without taking into account the most volatile elements) slowed to 3.3%, compared to 3.4% in December and 5.3% in January 2023".

"The food, alcohol and tobacco component recorded the highest annual inflation rate in January (5.7%, compared to 6.1% in December), followed by services (4.0%, stable in the monthly comparison), non-energy industrial goods (2.0%, below the 2.5% in December) and energy (-6.3%, compared to -6.7% the previous month)", the news article reads.

Among the various countries in the euro zone, it is in Estonia where the highest year-on-year inflation rate is expected in January, at 5.0%, measured by the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP), followed by Croatia with 4.8% and Austria with 4.3%.

On the other hand, the lowest inflation rates were observed in Finland with 0.7%, in Italy with 0.9%, and in Latvia and Lithuania with 1.0% each.

“In Portugal, the annual inflation measured by the IHPC is expected to be 2.3%, up from 1.9% in December and below 8.6%,” explains the news released.

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