Como preparar uma casa para ser vendida?

How to prepare a house for sale?

Preparing a house for real estate visits in a sales process is essential. If the house is visually appealing, sensational, and with organized and up-to-date documents, the sale will be much faster. Understand all the steps you should follow.  

26 Dec 20234 min

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Do you want to sell your property and need the help of a real estate agency? Casa no Minuto offers its consultants to help you sell your house without any hassle (or financial headache)! But understand first why accessing help can be important.

Prepare the visual aspect

One of the most important factors when selling a house is how we present it to potential buyers.

Making the property appealing is essential, both for when it is photographed to be advertised on digital real estate buying and selling platforms, as well as for visits. 

To get the house ready, you must: tidy up, clean, put everything as “clean” as possible, with no obstacles to hinder or cause visual discomfort.  

If there is still something to repair, it can be a decisive factor for a customer to move forward with the business. Therefore, repair everything you can repair, from painting walls, doors or windows not functioning properly, to problems with the floor, as it can lead to a better impression of the customer and even a more valued property in the market.

Without forgetting the sensational aspect 

Transmitting a feeling of comfort and security is crucial, as we are talking about the possible future home of those who visit.

For this, it is not only important the visual aspect, but also the sensational one. In order to convey a pleasant feeling, you can invest in decoration: through cushions, plants, or candles.

Candles can be important both for creating a cozy feeling and for providing a pleasant aroma. In this regard, you can also open the windows to let the property air out before the visit.

Allowing for air to circulate with the windows open, shows that it is a house with access to sunlight, all factors that prevent infiltration or humidity issues. 

Not neglecting the bureaucratic aspect.

In addition, when selling a house, you should not neglect the bureaucratic aspect: it is necessary to gather various documents in order to complete the transaction.

So, you must have all the documentation up to date, namely:  

Property tax bill

Property registration certificate  

- Energy certificate

Usage license.

Technical specifications of the housing    

Property's floor plan

Declaration of no debt to the condominium    

On par with the documentation, you should be able to answer all the questions that the potential buyer asks. Therefore, you should study the documents and gather descriptive information about your home.

Other bureaucratic issues must be defined, such as the value at which the property will be put up for sale, analyzing the real estate market and the specific area.  

All this so that you can continue with the photoshoot at home, place it on digital real estate buying and selling platforms, and make it available for visit scheduling.

Bring together all aspects, and leave it in the hands of a real estate agency.

All this process and aspects to be aware of can be much simpler if you leave them in the care of a real estate agency.

A real estate consultant guides you through all these steps: real estate consultant

  • Helps in gathering the required documentation;
  • Schedule the photo shoot for the property;  
  • Put the property up for sale digitally on your platforms;
  • You may already have clients looking for the features of the property in question;  
  • Studies the property, advises on the value to be placed for sale, and assists in real estate visits.

It is always up to you to visually and sensationally prepare the house in order to make it as appealing as possible. The more efficient these aspects are, the more likely you are to sell your property quickly.

Want to use a real estate agency? Contact Casa no Minuto and find out what our real estate consultants can do for you! And if you need financing for a new property, talk to the credit intermediaries from Poupança no Minuto, without commitment and without costs, to access the best credit proposal.


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