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Gas prices: Study suggests decrease after 2025

Gas prices have surged in 2022 due to tensions from the war in Ukraine, and although they began to stabilize last year, the outlook is that they will only start to decline after 2025. Find out more next.  

03 May 20242 min

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"The volatility of the gas market remains high"

After a year of tensions resulting from the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, gas prices in the market have returned to balance in 2023, but are only expected to decrease after 2025.  

The study is by Crédito y Caución, shared by Notícias ao Minuto, and reveals that the prices will remain high until next year.

"In December 2023, gas prices registered year-on-year declines of 68% in the United States, 54% in Europe, and 39% in Asia. Despite this global decrease, market volatility remains high and prices continue to be well above their historical averages, both in Asia and Europe," the study can be read in the news.

Therefore, expectations indicate that gas prices will remain "high until mid-decade, as global gas markets continue to adjust to the loss of Russian gas supply by pipeline to Europe".

"This will have an impact on prices in other importing regions, although the effects in Asia are mitigated by the indexation of many long-term contracts to oil prices. After 2025, the improvement in liquefied natural gas transportation capacity will reshape the gas market , reducing prices in key regions," it reads.  

In addition, the news explains that Crédito y Caución reveals in the report in question that "global gas demand will peak in the coming years and begin to decrease in the second half of the 2020s". 

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