Poupança no Minuto: A aliada perfeita na intermediação de créditos e seguros

Savings in a Minute: The perfect ally in credit and insurance intermediation.

It's true: Savings in a Minute now has a blog! The credit intermediary and insurance mediator now complements its services with reliable information. But who is Savings, what sets it apart from other brands, what it believes in, and what it offers? That's what we will talk about in this article.

11 Aug 20234 min

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Today, we introduce you to our brand.

The Poupança no Minuto emerges at a time when so many Portuguese people need help with their loans and insurance. In a time of inflation, where the rise in Euribor rates has resulted in a significant increase in housing loan installments for Portuguese with variable rates. In a time when prices of products and service costs are high and saving has to be a concept present in everyone's daily life.

The goal is to be your greatest ally, that you think of when you need to hire, negotiate, or save with any credit or insurance. That you think of when you need to save. That you think of when you need to clarify questions about these topics.

And for this, Poupança no Minuto offers credit intermediation services, insurance mediation, and access to financial literacy and consumer education.

According to your goals, Poupança no Minuto will help you find the best financial solution without any judgment. We are a trusted brand, with experienced agents in the market.

What sets Minute Savings apart?

But why does Poupança no Minuto stand out in this market? Know that with our support, you will never feel alone or unsure.

Savings in a Minute allows for personalized, one-on-one service with close monitoring. Throughout the entire process, the same agent will guide you with specialized advice and support, until the process is completed. Visit URL for more information.

We stand out by making each project faster, simpler, and happier, through efficiency, transparency, empathy, and lightness.

With us, you will always be treated as equal: we work together with you, without pedestals, to achieve the ideal credit or insurance conditions.

What are the values of Savings in the Minute?

So, Poupança no Minuto stands out for its efficiency: in terms of access to digital tools and presence in various channels. This simplifies processes, with all diligence and professional seriousness.

But it also stands out for its transparency, since the process is accompanied from beginning to end with all available information, without magic or tricks. Just like with the demand for the same transparency from its partners.

The brand also stands out for its empathy, always trying to understand the situation and objectives of each person, without judgment and staying on the same level. Poupança no Minuto walks with you, side by side, to help you achieve your dreams.

What services does Poupança no Minuto offer?

At Poupança no Minuto, you can count on services in credit intermediation, insurance mediation, access to financial literacy, and education for consumption.

Literacy will be reflected in this blog, where you can find informative articles, tips, advice, concept glossaries, guides, news, interviews, and all the answers to your questions.

The information will be related to savings and our services. Being them the hiring, negotiation or transfer of the following products:

  • Home loan (acquisition, construction, renovations, transfer, renegotiation, divorce, non-residents, people with disabilities);
  • Insurance (life insurance, life insurance associated with home loan, health insurance, personal accident insurance, critical illness insurance, multi-risk insurance, transfer and renegotiation);
  • Personal credit (car, home furnishings, education, emergencies, renovations, consolidated).

Our greatest purpose is and will always be to be the perfect ally for you, so that the boring and bureaucratic part of life becomes simple and light. Therefore, if you need help with credits, insurance, or simply seek information, you have come to the right place at the right place.


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