Quer poupar com créditos ou seguros? Conheça os serviços da Poupança no Minuto

Want to save on credits or insurance? Check out the services of Poupança no Minuto.

Looking to save on your credits or insurance? You're in the right place! Poupança no Minuto can help you through credit intermediation services and insurance mediation. Want to better understand how these services work and how we can help you? Let us explain in this article.

30 Oct 20233 min

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If you are already sure that you need our services, do not hesitate: Contact us and we will start your process as soon as possible. Or keep reading the article if you want to clarify your doubts about what we offer.

What are Poupança no Minuto's services?  

Savings at Minuto is a recent brand that offers credit intermediation and insurance mediation services. Yes, you read that right: it offers. Our services are 100% free and promise personalized support for each client.  

Our brand offers a website, with its own blog, where we share various information articles, so you can educate yourself financially.  

This financial literacy aims to support potential clients so they can save on their home loans, personal loans, or insurance.

What does our blog offer?  

Our blog allows access to reading various themes about credits and insurance, which, later on, if you proceed with hiring our services, facilitates communication between you and the intermediary/mediator.

On the blog, you can read: informative articles, tips, advice, concept glossaries, guides, news, and interviews.

More specifically, the blog will answer your questions about: 

  • Mortgage (acquisition, construction, renovations, transfer, renegotiation, divorce, non-residents, disabled individuals);  
  • Personal credit (car, home decor, education, emergencies, renovations, debt consolidation);
  • Insurances (life insurance, life insurance associated with home credit, health insurance, personal accident insurance, critical illness insurance, multi-risk insurance, transfer and renegotiation);  

What do we guarantee in our services?

  • Quality - A fundamental pillar in brokerage activity, providing credibility, trust, seriousness, and a reference position in the market;  
  • Efficiency - Presentation of well-evaluated and complete processes to banking partners, as facilitators, allowing for a quick analysis and decision of credits;  
  • Experience and Counseling - Specialized professionals in all financial projects provide guidance from the beginning to the end of the process;  
  • Commitment and Transparency - Being a tied credit intermediary allows us to find the best solutions, and support the client in a rigorous, complete, serious and advantageous manner.

And what benefits will you gain by choosing our services?

  • 100% free - The services of Poupança no Minuto are 100% free, with no additional costs for hiring;
  • More time for yourself - The digital monitoring throughout the process allows more freedom and rest for the client to focus on work, family, and project;  
  • Dedication - By valuing our specialization, it gives a sense of exclusivity and attention to detail in each moment;  
  • Single agent - Access to a single intermediary/mediator from start to finish, with support at each stage of the process, taking into account their market experience;  

Have all your doubts been clarified about what we can offer you? Let's move forward? Contact Poupança no Minuto, save money, time, and avoid bureaucracy!


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