8 dicas para poupar com créditos, seguros e outros encargos

8 tips to save on loans, insurance, and other charges.

Get to know the 8 tips from DECO Proteste, mentioned by Notícias ao Minuto, to start saving on loans, insurance, and other expenses, and improve your personal finances.

05 Feb 20246 min

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Did you know that reaching savings with credits and insurances is our specialty? Poupança no Minuto offers credit intermediation and insurance mediation services to help you save with their products! Contact us, or first read the tips from DECO Proteste on how to save with your finances.

DECO explains 8 tips to save money with your finances.

In times of inflation and increasing home loan installments, especially for those who contract variable rate housing credit, all tips are essential to increase the monthly budget.

Whether it's about loans, insurance, or other expenses you pay, it's possible to reduce the amounts you pay. Let's see how.

Did you hire a credit card? You must pay it in full.

It can be a valuable help in managing family finances - it is a lifesaver in times of unforeseen events or to deal with large expenses, when used with caution. And, with online shopping on the rise, it has become an option that many consumers turn to. However, there is a danger lurking in using this means of payment: the temptation to split the payment of purchases into installments, not paying the full statement. This leads to an increase in costs, as there are interest charges on the amount not paid each month. In consumer credit, credit cards are the main culprits in situations of default. consumer credit

Pay attention to choosing health insurance.

"Have you been thinking about a solution to deal with the costs of private healthcare? Health insurance is valid in case of illness or accident, and sold in the form of predefined packages of coverages and capital, to pay expenses for: surgeries; specialist consultations; childbirth; dentistry; prostheses and medications and oncological or serious illness."

A retirement savings plan can be a good investment.

The predictions are frightening: by 2045, retirees will live on retirement benefits below 50 percent of their last salary. If you are in your 40s or 50s, it is urgent to plan a long-term savings. You should start early. If you don't deal well with risk, or if you are already ten years (or less) away from retirement age, opt for a PPR in the form of insurance with guaranteed capital. It is more stable, but has modest returns. The recommendation from DECO PROteste is the Lusitania Poupança Reforma PPR, which yielded 2.25% in 2022 and 2.7% annually in the last five years, until 2022. It has a guaranteed minimum rate of 1.75% for 2024.

Don't forget to validate expenses on e-Fatura.

"Distracted and leaving pending expenses in e-Fatura? Some related to education and health sometimes go unnoticed. It is advisable to regularly validate the expenses you have been making in 2024. Do the regular check, because pending invoices must be validated one by one, which requires a task that can be time-consuming, especially if you have to do it for several members of the household. In addition, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to remember everything"; 

What car insurance do you have contracted?  

"Comprehensive auto insurance is useful in situations where the driver is responsible for an accident that involves high damages to their own car (for example, in a total loss) or when the vehicle is stolen. Do it in the first five years after purchasing a new car. After that, depreciation is substantial and insurance may no longer be worthwhile."

Mortgage credit? Amortize the amount owed in debt.

Do you have some money saved and want to shorten your home loan to the bank? In addition to reducing the burden, you can save on interest and request it at any time. You must do it in writing with a minimum of seven working days in advance, and the repayment must occur on the same day that the monthly installment is usually charged.

How to invest saved money?

"You should not keep it under the mattress, as with high inflation rates, your money will lose value. Even though savings accounts provide returns below the inflation rate, you should look for the best solutions to minimize the negative effect of inflation. An investment fund (or a portfolio of funds) for the long term is the best way to deal with inflation; however, these are products without guaranteed capital, so DECO PROteste recommends keeping them for periods longer than five years".

By law, you can transfer your life insurance to another entity.

Transfer the life insurance associated with the home loan to a cheaper insurer. In general, in exchange for a lower spread on the home loan, banks propose the contracting of the life insurance and home multi-risk insurance marketed by the institution itself. But it is not always more advantageous: in many cases, what you save with the spread discount is less than what you pay more for insurance. [ Read more here: ]  

Need help with these processes? Contact a credit intermediary  

For any process related to your credits and insurance, from hiring, reviewing conditions of current contracts, or transferring them to new entities, it can be essential to have a credit intermediary by your side.  

This is so you can achieve significant savings and maximize the increase in your budget. In addition, through an intermediary, it is possible to access financing alternatives to amortize the debt, or prevent future debts, for example, in terms of illness or accident, by taking out health insurance.

The "Poupança no Minuto" is a credit intermediary and insurance mediator that can help you by mediating the entire process with banks and insurance companies, free of charge to you. Poupança no Minuto  

Through the collection of various simulations, according to your case, you have access to different proposals from the banks, and advice on the most advantageous proposal for your context.

Simulate your case with our simulators or contact us directly to find out how we can help you save!


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